"Several paces ahead, he witnessed beauty drifting towards him. In an endeavor to lure her close, he reached out for the nearest rose and gently placed it in her hands. He sought for her love, but instead she despised him; for all she can see was not the pulchritude of the red rose, but the red blood that seeped from her hands from its thorns."


Joe Van Wetering

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Iridient (Bursting Soap Bubbles) by Fabian Oefner


Vancouver artist Brian Boulton captures singular moments of everyday life in his detailed graphite drawings of anonymous subjects.

Deja Vu

I want someone who would be disappointed if they disappointed me. Not someone who’d make excuses.

I was indeed.

I was indeed.

This is Joe’s girlfraaaand.

I think you have a cute smile :D <3 

Just one of those clips that you need to watch.